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Blurton Fishing Pool

Blurton pool is also two acres in size and has two islands. Blurton Pool is in a tranquil setting at the edge of woodland.

This is a challenging low stocked pool and is not for the angler who wants a quick bite.

This pool holds larger carp than Eccleston Pool, as well as Tench, Bream in excess of 6lb and Chub up to 4lb there are also a handful of specimen Perch to nearly 5lb. Roach and Rudd are present in small quantities.

This is a small pool and so you do not need 3lb test curve rods and 15lb line. Most of the time the fish are within 30 metres of the bank.

When fishing this pool you must have an unhooking mat and suitable sized landing net (minimum net size 36inches and no pan landing nets) as the fish are larger than Eccleston Pool.

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